1. Basic research on redox biology and medicine

1.1 New approach for precision redox research

1.2 Discovery of new molecules in redox network

1.3 Redox modification of biomacromolecules

1.4 Redox signaling in organelles/cell fate/development/reproduction

2. Redox homeostasis in aging and diseases

2.1 Redox and aging 

2.2 Redox and obesity, vascular function and metabolism

2.3 Redox and cancer, infection and immunity

2.4 Redox and neural function & mental health

2.5 Redox and plant biotic stress

2.6 Redox and environmental challenge

3. Precision redox intervention and health management

3.1 Traditional Medicine Prophylaxis-Therapeutics and Redox Balance 

3.2 Intelligence materials for precision redox intervention

3.3 Lifestyle and redox regulation

3.4 Natural products and nutrition in anti-aging and health management 


Society for Redox Biology and Medicine Branch of Biophysical Society of China

The Material Biology and Intelligent Medicine Branch of Biophysical Society of China

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